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Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams

Dr. Sofia Laurden-Davis Adams, a Ph.D. graduate in Human Services specializing in Management in Nonprofit Agencies and Leadership from Capella University in April 2014, possesses a multifaceted background. Exploring various creative endeavors, Sofia also provides custom painting services.

Alongside her artistic pursuits, Her interests extend to self-help literature, and she curates a selection of the best books for self-help to inspire and guide others on their journey toward personal growth and fulfillment.

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Sofia is a talented artist and painter. Immerse yourself in the beauty of her creations and explore the curated selection of artwork prints for sale. Beautify your space with the opportunity to buy artwork printsthat capture Sofia’s unique vision and artistic brilliance.


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Her Bachelor’s Degree is in Art History and Studio Art graduated in 2004 at Georgian Court University in New Jersey.  Sofia’s famous artwork prints were featured in magazines of GCU. In addition, Sofia’s artworks were displayed in many art galleries in New Jersey, Florida, and Alabama. Moving from New Jersey to Florida in the middle of 2004, I opened a Nonprofit Organization, the Bonifay Guild for the Arts, Inc., a 501 C3. I had more than 89 members.

The Yellow
The Whites 1
The Toothpicks Design 3
Fishing Time For The Boys


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